Long lasting COVERING | Shield Phoenix-Kit

Long lasting COVERING

Shield Phoenix-Kit

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AERO SHIELD DIAMOND PHOENIX – Leather & Trim Ceramic Coating 50 mL Kit. After years of research the AERO team has produced AERO SHIELD PHOENIX. PHOENIX is a rejuvenating breathable micro-thin ceramic coating specially formulated to be firm, yet flexible enough for leather, rubber, vinyl and plastic trim. AERO SHIELD PHOENIX works on interior and exterior surfaces blocking 99.9% UV, stains, spills and scuffs. With PHOENIX,

the surface will be better than new, restored to its original finish, but with more rigidity and durability.

AERO SHIELD PHOENIX is a flexible yet durable ceramic protection which is long lasting. A single coat of AERO SHIELD PHOENIX can last up to 3 years and once the protection has diminished, you can add another coat with minimal surface preparation.

Adds ceramic protective coating to leather, plastic, vinyl and rubber components. For interior and exterior use.

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