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Long lasting COVERING

Shield Hydro

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AERO SHIELD HYDRO is a state of the art polymeric top coat.Initially designed for SHIELD DIAMOND 10H, SHIELD HYDRO will chemically bind to any ceramic or polymer based protective coating. SHIELD HYDRO will shed water in the most challenging environments, locking in your paint protection. SHIELD HYDRO is designed for water shedding protection for up to 1 full year. Function: To supplement paint coatings by adding additional hydrophobic action. Works on all AERO SHIELD DIAMOND 10H, SHIELD-2 part paint protection systems and other coatings.

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Operating instructions

To Apply: Wash vehicle using AERO SUDS; dry thoroughly. For rough finish due to fallout, prepare surface of vehicle using AERO GLIDE to smooth and remove surface contaminants. Wipe clean with AERO SHIELD EJECT final prep to remove surface oils. Apply 7 to 10 drops on applicator. Systematically apply until entire area is covered with coating. Wait for sweat/ flash to occur (30 sec to 3 min) wipe to level with a clean microfiber towel and buff to finish. Repeat steps until all desired areas are covered. For additional protection, up to 3 coats may be applied. Wait 1 hour between coats. AERO SHIELD HYDRO is fully cured in 7 days.