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Cars today are built from many materials,- rubber, vinyl, or plastic. All of these materials tend to dry out and crack as the natural oils (in the case of rubber), or plasterers (in the case of plastics or fiberglass) leach over time. However, PROTECT was designed to stop this from happening and ensure that your surfaces remain looking fresh. Also, PROTECT has been designed to penetrate the surface it is applied to. This prevents smearing your clean car with PROTECT. PROTECT prohibits UV damage and other natural wear and tear from affecting the look and feel of these surfaces.

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Operating instructions

PROTECT does not ‘’sling’’ when applied correctly. SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING. Apply a generous amount of PROTECT to a dry, clean towel. Wipe surface with the moistened towel evenly to rubber or vinyl surfaces. Allow a few minutes for PROTECT to soak into the surface, and wipe off surface with a dry, clean towel to remove excess. Test on a small inconspicuos spot first to check for any issues.