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AERO GLIDE is our clay formula that delicately deep cleans and removes surface contaminants. While it lays down AERO’s exclusive co-polymer to protect and beautify your car’s finish for months. Moreover, GLIDE Polymer Infused Clay Bar is safe for all paint surfaces, including clear coat. It will remove tree sap, bug residue, paint overspray, road tar, rail dust, and other stubborn dirt. Absolutely, for best results use GLIDE with AERO FINALE as a surface lubricant. Now, you can clean and protect your paint all in one simple step and have the ultimate shine and protection in no time with our revolutionary GLIDE clay bars.

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Operating instructions

Step 1 : Wash your vehicle using AERO SUDS making sure that all loose contaminates have been removed. Step 2 : Form the 100mg GLIDE bar into a pancake shape about the size of your hand. Step 3 : Spray AERO FINALE onto a 3x3’ section of the vehicle’s painted surface. Step 4 : Rub the surface with GLIDE using circular motions. Use as much pressure as needed to remove contaminants from the surface. Step 5 : Dry-buff the area to a brilliant shine with a clean, soft micro-fiber towel. Discard your GLIDE Polymer infused Clay Bar after one (1) use as the bar is specifically designed for a one-time application