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AERO FUSION adds a deep, rich gloss to your painted surfaces while creating a layer of protection. FUSION has been based on polymer infused carnauba soft-paste wax formula that is environmentally friendly. In addition ,it is easy to apply with nothing short of perfect results. Fusion features all of the attributes of polymer- easy application. As well, incredible durability, and extreme melting points, all, while adding the amazing gloss enhancement of a premium carnauba paste wax. It can be applied in direct sunlight, however a shaded environment is ideal for the perfect finish every time.

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Operating instructions

Use in the shade if possible. Apply FUSION to a clean paint surface with a high quality microfiber cloth or a premium wax applicator. Rub FUSION on a small area using circular motions until the wax paste dries into a veil. This can take several minutes in more humid areas. Polish the surface with a clean microfiber cloth and create a rich deep shine that lasts for several months. The effect of AERO FUSION can easily be maintained with AERO SHINE.