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SUPPLE was developed to maintain the elite leather seats on private aircrafts. Now it is available for your car. Imagine your seats looking and feeling as good as the car off the showroom floor. Using SUPPLE will ensure that your leather seats last for the life of your automobile.  When exposed to the elements and everyday traffic, it is essential to replace natural oils into the leather interior to prevent aging. 

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Operating instructions

Clean leather before applying SUPPLE by dusting or vacuuming to remove light, topical soil. After cleaning, pretest product in a hidden area to ensure satisfactory results. Shake bottle well and apply a small amount of SUPPLE to a dry, clean towel; do not apply product directly to leather. Gently condition using a circular motion completing an entire section at a time. Buff with a dry, clean towel to enhance shine. DO NOT USE ON NAKED LEATHER OR SUEDE.